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Considering your next video project? Let us introduce you to everything we have to offer and take you under our wing. You are not, of course, constrained to what is shown here—our staff is always up for a new challenge if you are as well.


Why use commercial video advertisements?


A video advertisement is a brief (60 seconds or less, but ideally 30 seconds) branding-focused video that advertises your business, product, or service, similar to ones you see on TV or the internet. A commercial video should not go into great depth on what you do and how you do it because it is fundamentally high level, unlike an explainer video.


An advertisement’s goal is to draw viewers in, pique their curiosity, and excite them about what you do. It serves as a teaser intended to entice potential buyers. A digital ad campaign is, in our opinion, one of the greatest methods to effectively convey your brand message and make the most of your efforts to produce commercial video if you’re working on online-only material.


What does a commercial production look like?


  • 30 seconds or less
  • High-level branding content
  • Generates buzz and excitement
  • Motivating call-to-action
  • Share-worthy


Should I utilize video advertising when and how?


At the top of the funnel, a video advertisement should be employed. They are most effective at raising awareness and interest in a good or service. We advise skipping television in favor of a digital ad campaign that includes placing your advertising on YouTube, Facebook, streaming services, and other digital media. As a part of our commercial projects, we frequently create several films, either targeted variations of the same video or distinct videos utilizing the same concept.


Just keep in mind that you’ll probably need to spend some money on marketing to advertise your spot if you want to get traction. Though a handful of our paid advertisements swiftly piled up over 1 million views, don’t expect an overnight viral phenomenon.


Ready to get started?

How does Simba Productions Associates create a concept for an advertisement?


One of the more enjoyable and interesting tasks we get to perform around here is coming up with a concept for a commercial video production ad. An advertisement’s sole objective is to excite consumers about your good or service. That calls for our staff to become enthusiastic as well as to produce original concepts that appeal to and resonate with your audience. It begins by actually using the product or service, thoroughly comprehending your market and target audience, and creating original, imaginative thoughts that strike a balance between creativity and strategy.


How do you measure success for commercial video production?


When it comes to commercial success, the view count is one of the most important metrics, unlike for the majority of video content. The advertisement won’t have a chance to accomplish its goal if no one sees it. As we previously discussed, increasing the number of views on your spot could need spending money on promotion. When the views are complete, monitor engagement to determine how much of your advertisement viewers are seeing.


How much does commercial video production cost?


Depending on the style and complexity, a commercial video production typically costs between $25,000-$50,000. Budget factors include style and complexity of the video, length of the video, where you anticipate the spot airing, licensing fees for music and talent, etc. If you’re working on a series of videos for your commercial ad campaign, the per video price may be reduced as you increase the number of videos in that production cycle.


How long does a commercial video take to produce?


Commercial video productions frequently require more time because video advertising is supposed to catch viewers’ attention. For example, whereas ClubWPT had a live shoot and 3D animation done in post, our commercial for CertainTeed required 3D environments and people. Although all of these activities require time, you can plan for six to twelve weeks.


In your commercial video creation, should you use live-action or animation?


Ah, the venerable query. Spoiler alert: we lack a definitive response. For our commercial video productions, we’ve worked with a range of genres, and ultimately, we discuss the production method with our customers. talking about a variety of topics, such as the budget and scope (live-action is frequently more expensive for a single video but may not be for a multi-video campaign), brand voice, where the film will be promoted, and many other things). We frequently believe that the finest exercise is to browse the web (or right here on our website) and determine which production style is the most compatible with your brand and vision. You could always do both, of course!


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