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We create stunning videos to make your brand shine —


from live and streaming events to scripted content.

We’re a nimble New york video production company. Because we have more than 35 years of experience, we know what it takes to create compelling content. We produce captivating videos, from designing and writing to filming and editing, that tell your story online or on air.


Video production involves more than just filming.


With the help of our skilled team of in-house scriptwriters, producers, videographers, and editors, we can convert your idea into an engaging and profitable film. From promotional, commercial, and informational videos to interviews and live event coverage in New Orleans and along the Gulf Coast, we provide end-to-end video production services.


Specialized Video Production


No matter what your objectives are for your production, we assist our clients in turning their concepts into polished videos for live events, TV, the web, social media, and more.


Our production experts will guide you from original idea development, through filming, to post-production. What’s more, our production team will work with you to understand your goals and determine exactly what type of video content you need. Production Process

For scripted productions, our writers can help you flesh out your ideas so your concepts can become a reality.


We will assist you with pre-production by brainstorming with you, taking thorough notes, developing a script that will undergo drafting and comments, storyboarding your ideas, scouting locations, and setting up other components and assets for your production.


We’ll take pictures throughout the production. using a customized equipment package for your production, and managing the crew and artistic direction from beginning to end. Event Production Live.


A live event’s ability to succeed depends on its production. With trailers and teasers, edited or live to tape Multicam production, or even a docu-style corporate video, we can assist you in documenting and promoting your event.


Your production will be completed on time and within your allocated budget thanks to the expertise of our staff. Event Reporting

Utilize live events to their fullest by documenting the key moments that your audience will want to watch.


Trade exhibitions and industry gatherings are excellent for generating leads, but there are still more commercial prospects available. Using video from live events to engage attendees and connect with customers on social media is wonderful. Additionally, live streaming enables you to reach a wider audience for your live events. Stream the entirety of your event or only the highlights, such as the keynotes, Q&As, and performances.


Video Marketing


Content is what drives customers to your website and social media.


And the most interesting content you can provide is video. We are experts at creating videos that draw viewers to your platforms. We can discover a video marketing solution that meets your demands, whether you like to shoot on location at your premises or in one of our modern studios. Drive results with corporate videos online.

Corporate video generates value that makes the investment worthwhile. One thing is for sure: video has the potential to be a potent conversion and revenue booster. But don’t just believe what we say. Video remains your best option for reaching viewers in a visual world, according to this Forbes magazine article with 5 pointers on creating an effective corporate video.


Top New Orleans event producers


You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re planning a live event in New Orleans and need experienced event producers. We are capable of handling every small or big component required to execute an amazing, enduring event on time and within budget.


Create a Special and Memorable Experience for Your Live Event


We can make your event distinctive because of our inventiveness. But we also have the skills and experience to use budget management approaches that are best practices.


With this in mind, get in touch with Simba Productions about producing your next fantastic event.


Simba Production Associates, LLC


Whether you are a company, an artist, or an individual you have a story to tell. Let us help you tell that story through film and video production. From pre-production planning all the way through to release, we will translate your thoughts and visions into a concrete expression that can be shared with the world.


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