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For expert video production businesses in NYC, Simba is a one-stop-shop. Our personnel and facilities are available to assist in making your shoot successful, from the initial recordings to editing and post-production. We’re committed to offering you an experience that goes above and beyond, whether you visit one of our two studios or we meet you somewhere else.


We are a full-service company that offers personnel, tools, lighting, and room in a structured setting. We are experts in client-centered photoshoots. How does that work? Contrary to other production firms, who frequently give clients the impression that they are following behind or getting in the way, we aim to improve the experience of our clients by offering relaxing locations for downtime, conference rooms, and the internet. We put our clients’ comfort first since we think that their feedback is essential to producing the video they want. Due to our dedication, we have become the go-to firm for video production in NYC and have been able to diversify our crewing services internationally.


Clients have the option of having our crews film on one of our three soundstages or location. Our two soundstage locations, on 27th and 28th streets in the center of the city, are convenient and accessible by vehicle or MTA. To ensure that you make the most of your time in the studio, each rental comes with a supporting grip and power bundle.


Simba Productions still has a lot to offer even if you’re shooting on-site. Any project’s needs and budget can be met with the equipment, operators, and experts we can provide. We make it our business to be there when you need us, on time, and prepared, whether you require a single camera or an entire team with grip, sound, and electricity.


Among the many jobs, our post-production team is capable of handling are film editing, motion graphics, customized animations, and color correction. You are connected to experts who can advance your project at every stage when you come to Simba Productions Associate with your project. Your project is always in good hands thanks to our start-to-finish methodology, even if you encounter unforeseen difficulties.


In our business, we take great pride in being honest. That’s a significant factor in why folks choose to come to us rather than a guy with a camera and a loft. Less ethical production businesses frequently attempt to bolster their invoices with unforeseen fees. These charges can often push an otherwise affordable project into the red and are a nasty surprise at the end of an otherwise smooth shoot. As a full-service production company, that’s not how we operate. We never charge hidden fees for electricity or trash removal.


Regardless of the nature of your project, picking the appropriate production company might mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful day of filming. At Simba, we have the know-how, resources, and tools to ensure that your shoot is successful as well as the upstanding business ethics to go along with it. Come by and discover why choosing us for video production in NYC is so simple.

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The Flatiron district, Manhattan’s premier hub for digital media production and advertising, is home to two facilities owned by Simba Productions Studios. Some of the top content producers in the world, such as national advertising agencies, major record labels, theatrical film studios, cable television networks/production businesses, and web-based episodic production companies, use the sound stages and production facilities. With the choice of any studio, Simba can offer a range of services that may go along with the particular leasing requirements of our clients. There are options for a 20′ x 30′ studio, a 35′ x 35′ studio, or a 40′ x 30′ studio, and each studio has full green screen stage capabilities.




From pre-visualization to filming to post-production, our team assists you at every stage of your production. You’re looking for something novel. In addition to typical post-production services, Simba pioneered the first 3D fashion presentation for New York Fashion Week.

You may maximize the potential of your film with the aid of our post-production resources and personnel.


Simba Production Associates, LLC


Whether you are a company, an artist, or an individual you have a story to tell. Let us help you tell that story through film and video production. From pre-production planning all the way through to release, we will translate your thoughts and visions into a concrete expression that can be shared with the world.


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