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Why utilize them? What are social media videos?


Videos on social media are effective tools for reaching out to your audience, promoting your brand, and driving engagement over a brief period. They are designed and optimized for mobile and web watching and were created specifically for social media platforms. They frequently begin with an eye-grabbing hook to overcome viewers’ short attention spans.


Videos on social media serve many different functions. Social media videos can be used to raise awareness, as a call to action, to educate your audience, and so forth, depending on the audience you’re trying to reach. Making videos for social media has also become increasingly popular because they generate 1200 percent more shares than text and image content combined.


How and when should I use videos on social media?


Videos on social media should be used to increase engagement, including likes, comments, and shares. The engagement you generate is what enables social media platforms’ algorithms to naturally display your content in the feeds of new audiences. Social media videos should also be used to convey your brand’s mission and inspire new interest and exposure. However, it’s crucial to keep your social media content brief and easy to read; after all, people use social media to connect and be entertained, not to be slowed down by advertisements.


How does Simba Productions Associate create social media videos?


If you’re coming to us for a social media video or group of videos, chances are you’ve established a strong brand already. We’re here to enhance that brand, not reinvent it. We’ll take a thorough look at what types of content and campaigns you’ve already got out there, listen to your objective and devise some ideas that feel like “you.”


From a technical standpoint, since most feed scrolling happens on mute, we often craft our social media videos with some kind of text-on-screen element to make sure your message doesn’t get lost. We also take into account the space around the video and provide a caption and copy suggestions for the video if you don’t already have that figured out.


How do you measure success for a social media video?


Social media platforms have built-in analytics for businesses, so whether you’re looking for shares, comments, or impressions, you’ll easily be able to see how it’s performing after posting.


How long does a social media video take to produce?


Social media video production can take between 4-12 weeks, but it ultimately depends on the length, quantity, and style of the videos.


Technology can give traditional cultures a digital facelift


Pandemic restrictions on social gatherings have made it difficult for people to observe traditions in their community. Digital technology and global platform channels, however, have made it possible to reimagine festive traditions and to give cultural practices a digital facelift.

The aim: is to encourage people making Diwali purchases to support the small retailers in their community who have been affected by the pandemic. The campaign reached more than 20 million unique users across India and resulted in 32% business growth for Cadbury.




The management of social media consists of two steps. We’ll start by deciding which social media platforms are best for your brand. Then, we’ll assist you in managing your brand online by using a variety of social media platforms.


It’s crucial to remember that not all social media platforms are made equal. More so than others, certain of them are relevant to particular company types.


For instance, if your business is in the B2B sector, you should advertise your brand on LinkedIn. On the other hand, if your business is in the fashion sector, you’ll probably have better success on social media platforms with an image-focused focus, like Pinterest and Instagram.


Once we’ve determined which social media platforms are appropriate for your business, we’ll assist you in using social media.


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