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We are visual storytellers that think there shouldn’t be any restrictions on creativity. We have the directions for every successful project launch, whether it’s finding new and better ways to sell your brand or innovating in a rapidly changing technology environment.



The idea that our work should always surpass industry norms and client expectations are ingrained in our company’s basis. It needs planning, experience, and a production firm that can dream big to capture each project’s vision. Every distinctive cinematic project develops into a long-lasting partnership with us from concept to creation. That is the philosophy of Simba Productions Associates LLC.



We are a New York City-based full-service video production firm that offers assistance with concept creation, equipment, crewing, and production support. We have been in the industry for many years and have developed into a creative organization that can handle anything, from commercial production in the style of a movie theater to HD live broadcasting. Our team of talented directors, producers, and editors is honored to be able to assist our clients by bringing their original concepts to life in an engrossing and intriguing way.


Video and filmmaking skills

Advertising – Whether it’s a commercial, web video, or social media campaign, our team manages the process from concept to delivery.

Selling and marketing Numerous product demos and films have been created by Simba Productions Associates LLC.


Training and Education — In addition to producing hundreds of corporate and military training videos as well as thousands of medical training videos, we also develop JPAs. This technique has resulted in the development of efficient training programs.


Simba Productions Associates LLC provides support for live events both locally and nationwide. We provide live-switching packages, integrated camera systems, and support for both big and small events.





Our group of compulsive creators and finishers thrives on always pushing the boundaries to produce dramatic and powerful videos. We are a group of seasoned colorists, graphics & visual effects artists, and editors who work well together to cover the full range of expertise. Our creative approaches make us the best.



We have been the go-to producers and consultants for commercials, episodic content, and one-off deliverables for more than 20 years. Our honorable workforce has collaborated with Disney, HBO, Fox Sports, History Channel, and other organizations.



No of the length of the visual story—whether it’s 30 seconds, 30 minutes, or 30 episodes—we employ a full complement of technologies. Our editorial team has worked on everything, from original advertising campaigns to popular reality television programs, and everything in between.


Commercial postproduction


We are committed to these projects. The creation of digital content for companies and agencies is a special joy for us, while we like all we do.

Each brand has a unique narrative to offer. We think that relaying these stories ought to be entertaining even now. We can ensure that your message stands out from the millions of other ads in the world by taking this method.


Adding outstanding post effects is one of the ways we create memorable videos. The limitations of live-action production are overcome by these editorial additions to brand tales. Our goal is to reach your target demographic with a polished ad that has a unique and personalized voice.



We work with several long-term contract and retainer clients to push out high-quality, high volume content. A few of our most notable ongoing projects include:



thousands of pharmaceutical device demonstrations and educational tools for prescription drugs are being produced for use in web and native client applications.



Live streaming and scripted commercial video production are part of the full range of production services provided to this customer. Annual lecture series, monthly conferences, and events are edited, captioned, and finished in our post department for video on demand.


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Simba Production Associates, LLC

Whether you are a company, an artist, or an individual you have a story to tell. Let us help you tell that story through film and video production. From pre-production planning all the way through to release, we will translate your thoughts and visions into a concrete expression that can be shared with the world.


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