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In today’s on-line world, video is essential to build awareness, attract prospects and produce sales. Simba will work closely with you to write, produce, direct and edit great stories to catapult your brand to stardom.

Please review our 40+ years of work and various productions we have successfully produced during our tenure. Our reel is certain to give you a good idea of the quality of our work, the crew we engage and the excitement we bring to professionals and their brands.

Simba founder Albert Dabah has courageously written, produced, co-directed, and stars in this ground-breaking movie about a family’s travails. By combining spirituality, baseball and mental well-being, Dabah weaves a very personal story certain to entertain and move you. Albert and his team bring all the experience of a feature film to every Simba project big or small.

 Many people today want to write, produce and or direct their own work. Simba is available to lend their decades of knowledge on how to materialize your project, fund, produce, and take it to festivals and to market.

 Simba has amassed a huge variety of clients and has shot a myriad of productions for your review. Examples include productions featuring apparel, music video, feature film, commercials, health and beauty aids, events, educations, social media, real estate, sciences and more.

Everyone can benefit from sprucing up your social media channels with a variety of promotional cuts of your products and or services. Upgrade your social platform presentations with fresh, new, expert campaigns!

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Over 40 Years of Business

For over four decades Simba Productions has serviced clients. From high-status celebrities to humble mom/pop businesses, Simba has produced quality video productions for a wide range of clientele. Shooting music videos domestically, to producing high-quality documentaries internationally, Simba has done it all. Join us in celebrating our 42 years of business, and see some of the most well-known clients we have serviced.


What We Do

Whether you are a company, an artist, or an individual you have a story to tell. Let us help you tell that story through film and video production. From pre-production planning all the way through to release, we will translate your thoughts and visions into a concrete expression that can be shared with the world.

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As an independent Producer and Director I often commute back and forth between NY and LA. I shoot a lot of video for classes as well. What I love about Simba Productions is the personal attention I get. It sounds cliché, but I don’t feel like just a number. With other companies I’ve explored in the past, they were either so big that you literally are just a number, or the energy at the company was cold and detached. I felt I had no connection with anyone. Simba Productions has a more boutique feel. The people are friendly, offer excellent advice on solving issues with my projects, and are great at what they do. It’s actually enjoyable to come for a work session. I find myself engrossed in a collaboration with fellow artists helping me to realize an idea, rather than staring into the vacant eyes of a technician who seems to just want to finish the session. I highly recommend using Simba.

Brian Drillinger Producer/Director

I work at ABC News and we had a last-minute project for which we did not have an editor. We're used to working with some of the best and quickest editors on our roster, but unfortunately they were all preoccupied with a separate company-wide project and we had two short days to finish what we needed. Simba Productions set us up with Rowan Davis, who was with us for 12+ hour days over a weekend (and it was right before mother's day as well!) Rowan was a great person and editor to work with, and we really enjoyed our time with him and Simba Productions. He was easy to dictate instructions to and translated them well into the project, knew where to input his own expertise, and cut together quickly/professionally and with great style. He really put together a better project than we could have ever done on our own. We are so pleased with the final product, and those that we shared it with who were not involved with the edit found it amazing as well and were very excited to share. Thank you Rowan!! We will definitely be coming back to Simba if needed.

Sarah Burns

Our firm has engaged Simba on behalf of 2 unrelated client "corporate sizzle reel" projects...and have just booked our newest client for same type of project..superb work, priced right and experience was so gratifying, I make it a point to refer associates whenever the opportunity arises. Simba shoot teams typically include 2 camera guys, lighting guy, sound guy and the shoot director is production editing team hits the bulls eye when extracting best elements.

Jay Berkman

Incredible production company! Varied content from commercials and corporate videos to a feature-length film! Extra Innings is a heartfelt exploration of grief, loss, and hope. Definitely recommend!!!!

Peter Mancuso

Simba's talented production team provided inspiring creative development, excellent photography and editing, and enthusiastic support for my album promotion project. All on a reasonable budget. Bravo Simba.

Steven Moxness

I worked with Simba and Albert Dabbah's team on a few projects. The team was able to take the videos I had shot locally and edit and work their magic to create useful YouTube videos for my business. The experience was smooth, team professional and pricing was perfect for a small business like mine. Thank You - Highly Recommend

Bonnie Rabin

When you find a team of professionals who have a passion for their craft, keep them at the top of your go-to list! Working with Simba Productions is a producer's dream come true. After viewing "Extra Innings", I knew that I wanted to work with this talented team. From my first contact I felt that Albert and Mark understood my vision and were excited to work diligently to make my dream a reality. Contact the team at Simba Productions - they are the real deal and in a world of empty promises, they take pride in delivering beyond expectation.

Robin Shatzkin

I had the pleasure of interning for Simba Productions in the spring of 2021. Although it was remote, I was able to see and experience the passion Simba Production has for their clients and their feature film “Extra Innings.” I won’t forget interning with them!

Diana Perez

I've worked with Albert & his team in the past and we did some miraculous work by shooting in 2 completely different locations with many different locations within each place & finished within 14 hours total. Juggling 50 background actors and 4 main actors as well. Helped keep us on our strict budget & turnout a great product. I plan on working with them again.

Rick Galvin

I am grateful to Albert Dabah for making “Extra Innings.” Complicated, harrowing, and in moments, graceful and beautiful, this movie has made a profound and lasting impression on me.

Margaret Devine

Albert Dabah's team put together a truly elegant and impactful marketing video for the leasing of the Villard Mansion at the NY Palace Hotel. They totally understood the high-end aura we were focused on achieving and they delivered in spades. I am certain that the top-quality prospects that toured the property were due in large part to the decades of diverse experience and deep bench of professions at Simba. I would recommend them to anyone looking for creative, thoughtful and professional video services.

Howard Dolch

"My name is Jerry Katzke and I am the Treasurer/Athletic Director of the Bonnie Youth Club, which is in its 73rd year of providing an athletic, recreational and academic program for the youth of our community. I have had 3 very positive experiences with Simba Productions and its Founder/President Albert Dabah. Albert played on one of our baseball teams as a teenager back in the late 1960s and early 1970s and was a great addition to our program. More recently, we have had 2 great experiences with Albert and Simba Productions. Albert produced a 20-minute documentary on the organization about 10 years ago and did a tremendous job as the documentary does a wonderful job of describing who we are and what we do with action scenes from our games as well as interviews with officers, managers, coaches, and players from the organization. We have both 5 minute and 20 minute versions that we have sent out to parents, alumni, friends and potential sponsors of the organization and it has been very well received. In addition, a number of our players performed cameo roles in Al's major production "Extra Innings" wearing Bonnie uniforms that was filmed at our home field at the Parade Grounds in Brooklyn. He and his company did a tremendous job on this heart wrenching film that portrays a Hasidic Syrian Jewish youth growing up in Brooklyn and wanting to stay true to his family and religion and to his love of baseball and facing suicidal situation in his family. Everyone I know that has seen the film both from our organization and from friends and relatives all agrees that it is a truly great movie. Hats off to Albert Dabah and Simba Productions for producing a wonderful documentary on the Bonnie Youth Club and a tremendous movie with a strong message that will stay with me for the rest of my life."

Jerry Katzke