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Writing Class Outline


1.  Finding an Idea

It all begins with an idea. Write about what you know. You have a unique voice. Protection.

2. Developing the Concept

Titles, story bibles, tone, structure – we will walk you through how to take your idea and turn it into a fully-fleshed out concept.

3. Researching Your Story

Effective research can make your story come to life

4. Creating Memorable Characters

These are the backbone of your story which makes it relatable to the audience.

5. Writing a Script

Structure in 3 Acts.  Exposition, Plot Development, Conflict, Climax, Resolution, Falling Action (Denouement – untying the knot)

6. Writing a Script

Process. Write without dialogue first and then add it back sparsely.

7. Writing Authentic Dialogue

Listen or tape how people speak naturally and casually.