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TALS STUDIO serves as the home studio for a very unique photographer. He has been holding a camera since a young age, and with over 30+ years in the field, has since, mastered the art of lighting.


With a wide range of portrait specialties and experience with fashion photography, you can expect nothing but the best from Tal Photography.


As the son of a photographer, a camera was first placed in his hands at the age of seven. The art of taking pictures quickly became his first love, and a deep passion to pursue this medium began burning in his soul.


To further his education, he attended Camera Obscura school in Paris, where he studied studio camera lighting. Then at 20 years of age, he was hired as a photographer for a major European newspaper; opening his first studio shortly thereafter. He later heard the call of New York City, and shortly after moved to the city that never sleeps, to continue his education at The School of Visual Arts; further expanding his expertise on the subject of studio lighting. It was then that he became a fashion photographer for a major European clothing company and discovered his deep love for capturing fashion and movement of the human body.


After all these years, his passion for photography is stronger than ever. This constant burning desire pushes him to improve his craft each and every day. You will not find another photographer who cares more about his art, while capturing your true expressions.


His Style


He uses a unique approach to capture the most important moments of your event. Using his decades of experience, he will create a beautiful and unique montage that will tell the story of your special day with an extremely personal touch.


Through his outgoing personality, he will capture all the spontaneous and emotional moments of the day without fail. Your event is always captured in an unobtrusive way so you and your guests can relax and celebrate, and later savor the memories with beautiful pictures.