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What Makes Us Unique

Indigo is a full service commercial production companies in New York City with the industry experience and production know-how to bring remarkable tales to life.

What we do

We tell stories and assist clients in telling theirs. We approach every project with a feeling of urgency and professionalism, delivering great pieces of content on time and budget, whether it’s a story, commercial, animation, or corporate video. We work with agencies, businesses, public relations professionals, independent producers, and anybody else with a compelling story to share.

Indigo produces television commercials, public service announcements, long-form videos for cable broadcasts, and webcasts.

Whether you like it or not, television has changed the business world. Small enterprises and legal firms are among Imdigo’s television production clientele. To help them realize their ambitions, our clients have turned to us for commercials, documentaries, direct marketing videos, and web content.

In the New York metro area, television advertising is a cost-effective strategy to reach the maximum number of potential clients in the quickest amount of time. Even for tiny businesses, the cost of production and airtime for a commercial is a good investment that is surprisingly reasonable. Television commercials deliver the message directly to clients’ homes and instantly brand the product.

Indigo’s Television Production services can also be used for direct marketing. A DVD, rather than a brochure, effectively demonstrates all of the product or service’s lifestyle benefits. People are more likely to view a video than they are to read junk mail. Many nonprofits have turned to Indigo for help with their fundraising efforts. Traditional methods of securing funds, contributions, and media attention are ineffective and expensive. A historical or issue-based documentary showcasing the organization’s goals and achievements can get grants, donations, and media coverage more effectively and at a reduced cost.

The workforce at Indigo, a video production company based in New York, creates broadcast-quality television commercials, public service announcements, direct marketing films, webinars, and corporate training videos, among other things. The award-winning team of the company will turn your message into a commercial that stands out and draws in customers. 

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