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Mental Health

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What are you doing for others?

But also, the equally important question is, what are you doing for yourself?

It is in our nature as humans to question everything. Many times in life, we are faced with challenging and confusing thoughts. Often, these thoughts can debilitate us from moving forward.

We all live inside our own minds… so why not make it the nicest place possible to exist?

Loneliness is a dark passenger most of us have dealt with. It is hard to accept you need help, but once you do, it seems as though your life regains the color it desperately needed before. Depression, anxiety, and other emotions can feel like a mentally weighted blanket, holding people down from their true potential. I have struggled with these issues and have felt lost and without purpose. Opening up to the people around you and allowing them to feel comfortable opening up to you is a great place to start when dealing with these intrusive thoughts.

It is crucial to have a good support system in your life, whether through friends, family, or a therapist/life coach. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without confiding in the people I trust most in this world.

Be vulnerable with others, because trust me, it is better than feeling hopeless.

My name is Nathalie Finzi, and I am an intern at Simba Productions. We are a video production house located in Manhattan. Our main objective is to help get people’s stories out into the world, whether that be through marketing a product, producing a music video, or constructing a feature film. Albert Dabah is the founder of Simba Productions and writer, director, & actor in the feature film Extra Innings. On top of all this, he is a certified life coach and has a Master’s in Social Work.

When I first interviewed to become an intern, Albert and I had a long and meaningful discussion regarding mental health and the stigma around discussing it. He told me that these were feelings he and his family members had struggled with in the past, and ultimately, what he based his films’ storyline on. What I found so moving in our conversation was how passionately he talked about helping others. I am also passionate about this, so I instantly knew this was a company I would be honored to work for.

Extra Innings does a fantastic job relating these feelings to its audience. You can connect with the characters and empathize with the story. It is truly a beautiful work of art, and I suggest everyone should take the time to watch it because it may help you feel less alone in this great big world of ours. 

Nathalie Finzi

January, 17th, 2022

Albert Dabah

(212) 216-9155

115 W 29TH STREET,

SUITE 605 NEW YORK, NY 10001