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Movie production companies in New York City

Movie production companies in New York City

Simba Productions is a full-service production firm that provides audio, video, design, and post-production services. We are capable of developing, designing, writing, sourcing, organizing, building, shooting, and editing. So, whether you need a full-service creative production partner or only need to enhance what you can accomplish in-house, Simba Production has you covered.

New York video production business

We live in New York, and our neighbors’ inventiveness and generosity inspire us. Customers are always invited to swing by for a cup of coffee and a chat. We have collaborated with several brands and advertising agencies in the New York area to develop effective campaigns and content for television and social media. Email us, and we’ll get started; fresh advertising challenges are always welcome.

One of the most crucial components of a solid corporate video content marketing plan is getting qualified prospects to see your movie creation. We are not only professionals in video planning and video production services, but we are also masters in marketing and distributing your video. We can assist you in making the most of your business video production investment to achieve your objectives.

Your marketing movie production expenditure can be leveraged into some of your other content marketing demands with Simba Productions. Videos will be used to create blog pieces, press releases, emails, website pages, and social media posts. Apart from the fact that we are becoming a society of viewers rather than readers, Simba Productions will enable you to have a consistent approach to your target audience while making the most productive and efficient use of your video production budget.

As the production landscape evolved with the introduction of digital technology, one thing became clear: some of the previous ways of thinking about commercial video production, post-production, visual effects, and other aspects were no longer optimal. We set out to build a team of top industry experts to create a more beautiful, streamlined, handcrafted method to solve many of the difficulties and weaknesses of TV commercial and high-end corporate video production.Simba’s goal is to make you look good, your company’s video project excellent, and your customer and their company look wonderful, all while keeping expenses down, using a hand-picked roster of the industry’s best talent and a dynamic, adaptive post pipeline.