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NCAA by Kyla Berry

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In Simba Production’s 43 years as a video production company in New York City, we’ve completed countless projects for our clients worldwide. For one project, in particular, we shot footage of and interviewed some NCAA athletes, some recent athletes, and some former athletes past their professional careers. We traveled and met them in their space as they shared their experiences and the lessons learned from their respective sports. What is shared among these athletes is a sense of commitment to their passions in sport and life and a sense that binds athletes together throughout time.


Through quick turnarounds, our various crews at Simba Productions went to about ten different cities nationally and internationally throughout a couple of months to get coverage of all these athletes. There are many athletes who have earned championships and have created their own definitions of success in their careers, not only by winning in their sports but by contributing to their community. That sense of commitment to one’s passions is a lesson understood at Simba Productions, in our case, where video production can bring people together for shared goals and understanding. Taking the lessons of committing to a goal and seeing it through is a lesson that can not only be applied to sport, but every aspect of one’s life.

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