Simba Production

New York-based film production companies

Video production is more than just filming footage.

With our professional production services, our expert team of in-house scriptwriters, producers, videographers, and editors collaborate to turn your vision into a compelling and successful video. We offer end-to-end video production services, from promotional, commercial, and informational videos to interviews or coverage of live events in New York and the surrounding area.

Video Production on Demand

Whatever your production goals are, we help our clients turn their ideas into professional videos for live events, TV, the web, social media, and more. Our production experts will guide you from concept development to filming and post-production. Furthermore, our production team will collaborate with you to understand your objectives and identify what type of video content you require.

Production Methodology

In pre-production, we will help you, take thorough notes. Develop a script that will go through drafting and comments, storyboard your ideas, scout locations, and prepare other aspects and assets for your production.

From production, we will film with an equipment set tailored to your project, as well as handle crew and art direction from start to finish.

Production of Live Events

A live event also requires excellent production. We can assist you with documenting and promoting your event through trailers and teasers, edited or live-to-tape Multicam production, or even a docu-style corporate video.

A Video Production Company in New York

We are producers, videographers, and creators. We create movies, fascinating and interactive experiences, and other things that encourage individuals to recognize opportunities. Not to add that we’ve been filming in New York for years.

In fact, over the past three decades, Simba Productions has traveled all over the country and throughout the world filming corporate videos, commercials, shows, industrial videos, and everything in between.

Overall, our expertise in broadcast, production, and creative arts enable us to create one-of-a-kind content. And, in truth, we do more than just film and edit. We also assist you in developing your vision and story. And we’re continually learning and improving so we can provide you with the tools to help you achieve your objectives.

And our skilled team understands how to maintain an effective timetable, ensuring that your project is completed on time and within budget.

Let’s collaborate on your next project. Simba Productions is always the answer.