Simba Production

New York City video production companies

We produce global advertising campaigns as a video production firm in New York. Providing 360° marketing strategy with a thorough awareness of today’s content requirements for social media, TV, and streaming services, as well as out-of-home and print advertising, and we master the art of storytelling. The company’s work is unrivaled because of our precision content and outstanding aesthetics! Simba video production firm is devoted to assisting advertising agencies and brands in achieving their objectives. Consider us an extension of yourself. It isn’t just our work that is important.

We’re adapting each new video trend that hits the market, from IGTV to Snapchat. Being one of the best video production businesses in New York isn’t enough for us. We aspire to be brilliant. Our job is not done until we’ve delivered fantastic video and photo advertising assets. Each edit, each photo, is optimized to work as hard as possible. We know what works for a thirty-second TV spot and how to nip and tuck content to fit any social app, so we plan, modify the creative, and provide assets that fit neatly onto any screen. Advertising omnichannel Simply click the chat button and tell us what you’re looking for!

Deep down, we’re just nerdy storytellers and ad nerds who get giddy over the lighting of a movie scene or the increase in sales after launching a campaign. We are all pals at work, and we share everything, from Spotify playlists to Netflix passwords.

We are a premier production company based in New York. Over the years, we have partnered with other agencies to produce content for TV and social media. Little known secret: while working with international brands and agencies, the time difference transforms all of us into non-threatening, highly-caffeinated midnight owls.

Live-action, animation, 2D or 3D, stop motion, gif, still – you name it we make it!

How we do it

A desire to do an exceptional job

All details are negotiated early on in the production process. All concerns are resolved days before the crew arrives at the set. TV commercial directors have received honors at Cannes and the Telly Awards, demonstrating the mastery of their craft.

More efficient procedures

We didn’t become a well-known manufacturing house overnight! A lot of brainstorming and grueling effort was involved. We can meet your deadlines with spectacular work thanks to our techniques.

Information exchange

Our producers are in continual contact with you, allowing you to make wise and efficient decisions right away. Simba Company believes that when everyone on the team is on the same page, they can create the best decision.

Transparency and benevolence

We’re always transparent about cost data with you, from line production budgets to timetables, like assisting our clients in creating effective ads.