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Our team can assist you at every stage of your virtual event planning and production, from envisioning the ideal platform, whether remotely or on location. That said, we do have a few key principles we believe are necessary for potential partners to consider before we explore a collaboration.

Make a significant investment in the content.

Let’s get right to the point: most virtual event experiences boil down to simply watching very long videos at a specific time. And we don’t mean that to sound cynical, it can be a truly amazing experience, and it’s the experience we believe most organizations should strive for – but it’s an important point to consider and accept.


As a result, we’re seeing and recommending more investments in the quality of the content itself these days. In-studio/on-location shoots, more ambitious montage segments that live between speakers, custom musical scores, holistic motion graphics packages opposed to self-filmed using webcams, and sitting in front of yet another bookshelf – are becoming more popular.


It’s also why we strongly advise most of our partners to pre-produce all of their programming – though there are times when true live-streaming is required, and we can provide that as well.


We recommend that the majority of content filmed by a video crew that can safely operate using the full suite of videography tools and techniques, with many aesthetic options:

In a studio with a specially designed set or stage


We don’t deny that this level of production quality is an investment – but on the plus side, we’ve discovered that not only does this approach improve the quality of your virtual event, but certain segments also have a life of their own after the event, as standalone video packages worth posting on your channels or serving out to your event attendees or wider customer base.


Prioritize accessibility, stability, and seamlessness as much as possible.


Your virtual event’s platform probably has a laundry list of must-haves and nice-to-haves, such as privacy, interaction styles, number of attendees, number of breakout sessions, and so on.


But, regardless of what else your platform needs to do, it must fundamentally be a platform that your guests can easily access and enjoy using for the duration of your event – whether it’s a 15-minute tutorial or a 3-day summit.


While that may not seem like too much to ask, there are a lot of virtual event platforms out there, and to be honest, the majority of them are unpolished, buggy, prone to crashes, and sometimes difficult to navigate for the average user.


We take pride in finding the best virtual event platform for each event we produce. At the same time, we recognize that the ideal event platform may not exist for the vision you have for your event. In those cases, rather than settling for a risky or perplexing platform, we work with our partners to develop a vision of the experience and programming that can truly live up to the high expectations and investment their organization deserves.


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