Simba Production

Pharmaceutical Video Production New York City


We’re honored to serve our numerous healthcare and pharmaceutical clients by creating great high-end video material to support every campaign. Our team can take care of the production process for you, and our mobile crews can film your next project anywhere in the world. Simba Production uses cutting-edge production equipment to provide amazing outcomes on everything from advocacy videos to public service announcements, new product demonstrations to patient testimonial videos. What can we do to assist you?


Simba Productions is a full-service production firm that specializes in commercials, branded/social content, and experiential marketing for well-known brands. It is our responsibility to make your job easier. For every project, we keep a close eye on the budget, look for solutions, and think beyond the box. We are collaborative at our heart, assisting our clients in achieving their goals.


We never charge extra for post-production modifications. We recognize that things can change at any time.


We have crews all across the country, so we can shoot pretty much wherever and whenever we want, which also means we’re good at quick production and post-production turnarounds.

  • Videos promoting products and campaigns
  • Web-based educational series
  • Video testimonials from doctors and patients
  • Public Service Announcements and Commercials
  • Videos of Animated Mechanisms of Action
  • Instructional Videos
  • Corporate Addresses on the Inside
  • Recap Videos from the Conference




The structure has been refurbished without losing any of its rustic beauty. We’ve filled Simba with cutting-edge technology to fuel your next production, so what’s old is fresh again. We also relish the task of overseeing each project’s many stages. Casting,


We can handle everything from the screenplay to scouting to production management to filming (of course! ), editing, animation, and score. So, whether you need one or all production covered, Simba is the company to call. We eat, sleep, and breathe this stuff, and we adore it!


We are visual storytellers with a creative flair, but to deliver the results for our clients, we must first learn about their industry. Fortunately, we have a spectrum of experience in a variety of industries. So, whether you want to convey the narrative of your manufacturing company or explain why a  drug should be taken, we have the experience and know-how to find your target audience and achieve your video objectives.