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Phases of Production by Rene Russo

{2 minutes to read}

When taking on a new video production job we have three major steps. One, Development and Pre-Production, two Production and three Post Production.


To start the Development and Pre-Production phase we ask a series of questions to really introduce the project to us. First we establish a budget based on the needs of the client; What type of production, location, need for hair and makeup, extras, permits etc. With 43 years of production experience we have developed an innovative strategy to find the best possible price for what our client’s needs are. 


Next we have a sit down conversation with our clients to visually plan out the production via storyboard. Based on that we assemble a crew and or equipment needed along with casting talent and confirming filming locations and dates. It is then that we move to the Production phase.


During Production the storyboard is brought to life. Call sheets are developed in an organized fashion so everyone involved in the production shows up to set on time.


Lighting and blocking is intricately spaced out to create the most visually appealing imagery for our clients specifications.


Once Production is finished, Post-Production begins. All the raw footage taken is compiled together where we select the best shots, taking our clients opinion into consideration and bringing them into the rough cut. Then we color correct, and add any other needed details such as graphics, animations, voiceovers, licensing for music or stock footage etc. The final product will be a well developed and thought out video telling our clients story whatever it may be.

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