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A brand film is just short-form video material that tells a story. Brand films (also known as branded films) can be factual or scripted, but they all focus on a lifestyle, vision, or mission rather than a product.

Because it is customer-centric and content-driven, branded entertainment is the new approach to attract target audiences. Today’s consumer is more distracted than ever before; they want genuine, genuine connection.

As evidenced by those you select to spotlight or the various tales you choose to tell, brand videos reflect the heart and soul of who your organization is. By showing genuine, engaging material that demonstrates your company’s vision and objective, you can establish relatability and authenticity, which is a winning combination in the marketing world.


Every video creation is a narrative with a plot and a goal. The stories we tell to begin with the naked lens’s unbiased vision. The backdrop, lighting, expressions, and conversations draw people in and bring them to life. Patience, practice, and talent are required to capture these components and subtleties. The skills and expertise of professional producers and editors are required to select and weave the appropriate moments into a seamless, compelling narrative. Scenic Road has the people, equipment, and skills to handle all of your commercial and production needs.


Creative, visual material is preferred by web and mobile users. It’s a more active and, in many cases, more individualized type of outreach. It’s not just more easy to consume; it encourages more involvement and conversation to increase trial, loyalty, lead generation, and sales conversion. It interacts with viewers rather than selling to them. Do you have a suggestion? Allow us to collaborate with you to determine the best strategy and direction for your company. We can assist you with developing the appropriate content to share with the appropriate audience across all platforms, devices, and social media channels. Simba Productions content is often designed around actual tales with human experiences at their core, making it relevant, searchable, and interesting. It makes people pause, look, listen, and, most importantly, think. It compels people to stop, look, listen, and importantly, respond. We can help you manage any part of your content development process to fully optimize your content and give you a powerful digital presence.

Full-Service Video Production from Start To Finish

Simba Productions prides itself in our ability to deliver your product from start to finish in-house so that your story will never have to leave the hands of someone who cares. We are one of the best production companies based in New York City.


Film. Television. Documentary. No matter what story, we make it our mission to deliver dynamic visuals driven by story.