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Simba Video Productions is an independent branding agency in New York with a unique approach. We deliver all of the services that marketing consultants, advertising agencies, and branding firms provide under one roof, without silos or handoffs.

The Brand's Origins

Every brand has its own story to tell. We’ll build a language that communicates your company’s unique story and defines it both internally and externally, based on your brand strategy.

Marketing Strategy Firm in New York City

Believe it or not, marketing plans aren’t always created in a proactive, thoughtful, and holistic manner.

We consistently consider the entire brand experience when creating new brands or improving existing ones. We also develop an integrated marketing plan for each client that delivers their brand experience in a meaningful way across several touchpoints and platforms. However, the goal is for the target to think of it as a single brand.

What is the Best Way to Plan a Marketing Campaign?

We specialize in supporting brands in delivering the appropriate message to the right audience. We start by helping you define your marketing goals, including who you want to reach, metrics, a schedule, and a budget. We use data to produce an actionable and integrated marketing strategy.

We also depend on our significant experience developing new brand and product go-to-market strategies. Whether your goal is to debut “loud and proud” into the marketplace or to roll out in phases, we always work closely with your team to ensure alignment at each stage of the process.

What are your goals and objectives? What do you hope to achieve with the influencer budget you’ve put aside? What core markets are you referring to? Your Influencer Marketing Campaign will be the focus on your vision, mission, and achieving the goals you set for yourself.


Who are your target clients? What are their interests? What platforms do they use for social media? Our influencer marketing agency will aid in determining these characteristics to build influencer marketing campaigns that reach the appropriate target demographic.


Our influencer marketing solution helps connect you with the relevant influencers for your target demographic. Our clients have total access to the target demographics of the influencers and may choose which are the best fit.


The relationship between you and an Influencer must have a written agreement that spells out the Influencers’ rights and responsibilities. We’ll make sure that each Influencer involved in your campaign signs a contract and agrees to the deliverables.


You can’t only rely on the Influencers’ followers to make an Influencer Campaign successful; you also need to consider how to best engage with their users. We will assist you in developing thoughts and material that will engage the Influencer’s following.

A corporation that provides a wide range of services

Simba Productions is a full-service social media production company and marketing firm based in New York. Our team of experts comprises campaign managers, digital marketing specialists, and media experts who will aid and support your company and brand with everything from defining goals, and identifying influencers and storytelling to campaign execution, tracking, and reporting.