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Social Media Video Marketing New York City

You’re late to the party if you haven’t started using videos on social media as part of your digital marketing efforts. Your competitors have most likely already done so. Today, it is clearer than ever that videos have become an essential component of the vast majority of effective marketing initiatives. A recent surge in new video marketing trends is proof of this.



Not only that but attractive visual material has been shown to increase sales and ROI. Did you know that 73% of people who watch a product review video end up purchasing one of the things featured? That is such a large number!


Great content and social media video marketing must serve your prospective leads in the same way that your product or service will. As a result, you must identify the buyer you are attempting to reach and the difficulties they must solve. Simba Productions assists startups in developing a buyer persona and identifying the content themes and stories that will be of greatest interest to them, as well as where to engage them best online.


When it comes to public relations, social media is no more a sideshow that can be overlooked. In many cases, it is the principal avenue via which you communicate with your consumers. Social media may help you raise brand awareness, disseminate important information, solicit input from current and potential customers, and deliver prompt, attentive customer service. Startups backed by a slew of other renowned early-stage investors come to us for help scaling and harnessing the full power of social media for bottom-line business results.

We enjoy programs that promote the products and services of corporations and organizations that strive to make the world a better place. We aim to assist you in engaging your audience, whether it is a product designed to increase happiness or a service focused on sustainability.

Strategic Social Media Marketing for Digital Age Relevance

Tracking what people say about your company — and about your competitors — in real-time can help to modify and improve your organization’s image and brand. Appealing ways can help your business stand out. Fortunately, Simba Productions’ social media for startups expertise can assist you in developing a startup video marketing strategy that utilizes social media. Over the last ten years, we have assisted cutting-edge businesses in developing their brands and expanding their reach. Our startup social media agency can assist your company in gaining traction.

Strategy for Social Media Video Marketing

As a startup, it’s challenging to determine which channels to utilize and how to use them as you grow. Simba Productions, as a digital marketing agency with extensive domain expertise in social media, can assist you in creating a multi-channel connection with prospective customers across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, and emerging social media channels. We offer services tailored to the size and resources of any startup team, from developing social media editorial schedules to increasing interaction and administering social media accounts daily.

Creating Content

Simba Productions creates social media content on a large scale to increase engagement and brand exposure. From vertical videos to graphics and blog entries, we specialize in creating material that catches the attention of the target audiences. We will collaborate with you to create content that will help your business grow

Always On

 Clever marketers must interact and engage on social media regularly. However, there is a difference between constant messaging and aggressively pushing your message. We’ll use the most up-to-date data as your dedicated social media agency to determine how often to post and what kind of material has the most impact. Simba Productions is well-versed in social media marketing, from sharing Slack channels to align on real-time campaigns to day-to-day management of Hootsuite’s social media dashboard to govern handles across numerous platforms.

KPIs and measurement

Another benefit of social media is that it can provide real-time measurements for measuring brand affinity and purchasing routes. Our one-of-a-kind social media services for startups include following your social media campaign as it develops, evaluating its success, and analyzing the data to understand its impact. We’ll expose the story behind the stats, allowing you to adjust and adapt your strategy in real-time to maximize efficacy and discover where sponsored social media can help you make the most progress with organic efforts.