Simba Production

Video production company New York City

Made in New York City, these videos have a lot of passion.

Simba Production stands for heartfelt videos. We collaborate with well-known brands. We also collaborate with brands that you will be familiar with within the near future. We’re a top video production company and video agency in New York City.

Simba Productions creates commercials, brand films, B2B and corporate videos, social media, and startup movies. We have won numerous honors for our clients. So far, there have been over 30. We’ve assisted businesses in producing videos that have reached hundreds of millions of people.

Collaborating With Us

We prioritize content above technology. Because a stunning video with a plot that fails to engage your viewers is a failure. First and foremost, we collaborate with you to make your narrative the best it can be. We begin by gathering as much information as possible about you and what makes you unique. We find out who your target audience is. Then we’ll assist you in crafting an engaging story that works.

Then we make it attractive. From production to post, Indigo is technologically advanced, with a state-of-the-art post-production pipeline that encompasses editorial, graphics, VFX, CG, and finishing.

That’s why we are one of the best video production companies in New York.

Videos for Social Media

A video isn’t always a commercial or a brand film. Different types of movies are required for various purposes. That’s something we understand. We provide you with video production alternatives that are suited to your specific requirements. We now provide Social Video Packs if your company needs a large number of high-quality films for social media.

The heart is the source of our magic.

You must have a heart if you want your brand to connect with audiences. Simba Production represents so much passion. It stands for award-winning, heartfelt video storytelling. Our videos have won numerous honors for our clients. And hundreds of millions of people have watched our work.

Story First, Technology Forward

A beautiful video with a weak story is a failure. That’s why we put the plot first. We start by learning everything we can about you and what makes you unique. We study your audience. We master the competition.

Then we make it look amazing. Simba Production is advanced in technology . We give you a state-of-the-art production, led by experienced directors and producers. And whether it’s a video with people in it or the latest CG/animation or visual effects extravaganza, every video we make has so much passion.