Simba Production

Video production studio New York City

We make videos that are capable of resolving commercial issues.

We provide on-demand and retainer content development services to sponsored start-ups to established enterprises with digital or physical products.

Simba Production is a New York City-based creative agency. We work with funded start-ups to established businesses. We use the power of video to address business problems by employing high-level strategy, this means we’re not here to sell you nice pictures that don’t provide value to your company. We blend the science of brand planning and the art of video creation to achieve business goals while keeping your end-user in mind.

Our little video production studio and mighty team are a brilliant group of people who have dedicated to our purpose of creating content that engages, entertains, and solves business challenges since the beginning. Our method can be utilized on a small scale for a few novel concepts or as the foundation for massive corporate campaigns.

Content that is both high-quality and interesting.

We make appealing product videos that highlight the characteristics and benefits of your product. We use a combination of professionally produced action pictures, full-motion graphics, and highly stylized text to create our films. Movies can be used on all of your web domains, such as your eCommerce site, Facebook page, YouTube channel, and blog. . . even the television!

Your product pages may be taken to the next level in engagement and conversion with the correct video content. Product videos for eCommerce are ideal for higher-priced or more complex items that may require more explanation. We’ll create high-quality films to help you achieve your marketing objectives. We’ve made hundreds of videos and have perfected a method that produces consistent results.

Content to assist you with your fundraising efforts.

We provide crowdfunding video and image assets to help you build a community of early adopters that are eager to promote your message and drive sales during your campaign’s launch period. These films are used on their own, or they can be placed on your website’s pages to spread the word in between outbound marketing initiatives.

 A campaign that does not include a video has an 80% chance of failing.

Commercials on the internet.

Video advertising is an excellent approach to raise brand awareness and attract more qualified buyers, even if they aren’t actively shopping for your product. With one ad, you can reach millions of people across many devices, including web, mobile, linked TV, and in-app.


We make videos that flaunt your product or service in the best light possible. They’re usually shorter and more visually appealing than other video formats.

From screenplay down to post-production and music, we create the right story to engage customers. 


Content that will aid in the efficiency of your company.

Brand anthems, training videos, and testimonials are all geared to humanize your brand and introduce you and your story to your target audience. Brand recognition, loyalty, and education are frequently the goals of these videos.

Corporate movies describe your company’s history and origins, the ideals that have sustained you through the years, or a new product or service that is about to be released. It might be educational for employees, customers, and investors, or it can attract new employees and investors.