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Virtual Event Production New York City

Simba Productions creates and produces exciting virtual events, and we do so by emphasizing the experience first and foremost. The world of events has gone virtual, and we’re here to witness it. From virtual award shows and galas to virtual influencer events and concerts to virtual global conferences and leadership summits, the world of events has gone virtual.


You’ll find everything you need to know about our work, services, and approach in the sections below – or, if you already know what you’re looking for or have a specific question, please contact out and tell us what’s on your mind!


Production Services for Events

Imaginative Thinking

We can help you develop structure and communication around your event, from the overall experience and theme to length, aesthetics, and tone.


Development of the Run of Show

We can assist you with everything from the countdown and opening sequence through music, transitions, staging, and even scripting.


Platform Picking

We’ve tried dozens of virtual platforms, only a few have earned our trust. We frequently discover that the best place to host your event is a custom website that we can design and build specifically for your virtual event, rather than a platform. Whatever the situation may be, we’ll find the ideal location for your event.


Logistics and pre-production

Creating schedules, connecting with talent, providing equipment and crew, and managing timetables and budgets are all part of the job. Our experiences in video and live event production have been integrated here to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as feasible while remaining as adaptable as possible.


Video Production

Whether we’re shooting on location, on set, or in our studio, or even remotely capturing people in their homes with one of our video drop kits or their webcam, we come prepared to get the job done right, with full creativity and professionalism.


Video Post-Production.

Like directors often say about their movies, a virtual event’s story comes together in editing. Our full suite of capabilities in video editing, motion graphics, and music supervision combine to create a meaningful and beautiful video experience for your event’s guests.


Oversight of the Livestream

Whether your show is pre-produced and we’re merely airing it live (spoiler: this is always our advice), or we’re making a live broadcast, an incredible show can fall apart if it doesn’t reach its audience on time, in resolution, and excellent quality. While there will always be some volatility over the internet, we know how to plan for the best results.


Experiential Learning

We’ve got plenty of methods to transform your event into a full-fledged experience, from customized packages addressed to guests’ homes to virtual photo booths and other entertaining elements.


Are you ready to start a discussion?

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