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Whether you’ve never made a video before or you’re looking for a new video production service, you want to find the best fit for your budget, timeline, and creative goals. You want a brand marketing video production NYC to be your long-term marketing partner and show you the best return on your investment, whatever “return” means to you based on what you want to achieve. You want to make sure that the money and time you put into your video will pay off. But how do you find the “perfect” partner for making videos? What should you look for in a “soul mate” in video marketing?

What to Ask When Hiring a Video Production Company

First of all, when choosing a video production company, the budget shouldn’t be the most important thing. You’re right! If you’re going to spend money on a video, make sure it’s worth the money. A low-quality or badly made video can hurt your reputation and your bank account more than no video at all.

Instead, you should choose marketing video services in New York based on what they can offer and how well they fit with your company.

Here are the best questions to ask a production company when thinking about hiring them.

What is your experience?

How long has this team been together? This doesn’t always mean how long they’ve been in business. “Experience” means how much work they’ve done, how well they’ve done it, and how many clients they’ve worked for. With this question, you can often ask for examples of their past work.

What is your niche?

What does this business do that no one else does? What makes them different? This could be a very specific niche, like “filming cats for marketing videos,” or it could be a niche related to how good they are at making videos.

What is your company culture like?

Just like you want to make sure a new employee fits in with your company’s culture, you want your production company to fit in with yours. You want to build a relationship with someone that is based on shared goals and successes. Finding a good cultural match will make sure that the videos they make and the way they do business are true to the culture of your business.

What are your ideas for our video?

After you’ve told a production company your goals and plans, ask them what they think and how they would approach your video strategy. They won’t tell you everything until you hire them, but a good company will be able to show you some ideas that they would put into action for you. Keep in mind that they may need more time to come up with ideas before they can pitch them to you.

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