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What Is a Sizzle Reel?

Short promotional videos called “sizzle reels” are also called “demo reels,” “highlight reels,” “show reels,” “promotional videos,” “pitch tapes,” or “teasers.” They are used to show off the work of actors, editors, videographers, and other creative people. Sizzle reels also help sizzle reel production company New York sell TV shows to networks, get money for movies, and show what an exciting new product is all about. In these situations, the reel shows that the idea works and sells the idea by getting people excited about it.

How can your reel bring the heat?

No matter what kind of reel you want to make, these tips will help you make a good one.

Keep it short.

In the past, sizzle reel video production New York could take forever for their production work to be done. With people’s attention spans getting shorter on social media and so much other interesting content to compete with, it may be unrealistic to expect someone to watch a 5-minute video all the way through. Now, the average length of a sizzle reel is between 1 and 2 minutes.

Consider your audience.

Who do you want to watch your video? When you pitch a show, for example, are you trying to sell it to a network or to the people who might watch it? “A network executive will want to know who you’re trying to reach and who they can get as advertisers.

Think about who you want to watch your video and what they might be looking for. Try to answer their questions before they even think to ask them. If you think they will want numbers and research proof, give it to them. If they want quick cuts and upbeat music, try those things out for more spice.

Consider your video’s purpose.

Why do you have that reel? Does it need to be part of a bigger presentation or can it stand on its own on YouTube or Vimeo? If all you want to do is set the tone before getting into the details in person, you don’t have to put everything in your reel. But if your reel is your resume or your whole pitch, it has to make the case for itself.

Tell a story.

People make sense of the world through stories, so even your “sizzle” should tell a story. “It needs to be interesting, but it also needs to make sense. At the end, you want people to know what they’ve just seen.

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